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At OliGreek, we are passionate about producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are manually harvested at the perfect ripeness and cold-pressed within hours to preserve their delicate flavors and beneficial nutrients.

We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, and our oil is certified for its low acidity, superior organoleptic properties, and high polyphenol content.

Our brand, GODNESS, represents our dedication to bringing the godly taste of Greece to your table. Experience the true essence of the Mediterranean with OliGreek.
Includes pruning, fertilizing, and disease control to ensure healthy and productive trees
Tree Care
Storage and Bottling
The oil is stored in large tanks and is bottled when ordered to ensure freshness for the customer.
The oil is separated from the water and solids using a centrifuge. Depending on the desired final product the oil may be filtered naturally or with the help of a machine to remove impurities.
The harvested olives are washed and ground into a paste using a traditional stone mill or modern hammer mill.
The olives are harvested manually. They must be picked at just the right time, when olives have reached their peak of maturity. And start the next stage as soon as possible, so the oxidation process of the olives does not start.
Introducing our premium Cretan olive oil, made from the Koroneiki variety of olives. This oil is manually harvested and cold-pressed within hours of harvest for maximum freshness and flavor. With its fruity and floral aroma, robust and slightly spicy flavor and a balanced acidity of less than 0.3%.

It's perfect for drizzling over salads, pasta, grilled vegetables, fish, and meats. It's also an ideal ingredient for marinades and dressings. Try it today and taste the authentic, high-quality flavor of our Cretan olive oil.
Skin Health
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Antibacterial and antiviral
Monounsaturated Fats
Discover the many benefits of extra virgin olive oil - from heart health to skincare, oil is packed with antioxidants and healthy fats to enhance your overall well-being.
Learn how to properly store your olive oil. Follow some tips to ensure your olive oil stays fresh and delicious for as long as possible...

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Choosing and storing olive oil may seem complex, but with the right knowledge, it can be easy to find the perfect fit for your taste...

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Discover the rich history of olive oil, from the ancient Minoan civilization to modern times. Learn about the traditional methods of harvesting and pressing, and how olive oil has been revered for its health benefits and culinary uses for thousands of years.

Dive into the fascinating world of olive oil with OliGreek, where tradition and quality meet.
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